The People's Rights Fund, Inc., which was established in 1986, is a not-for-profit foundation. As a 50l(c)(3) foundation, donations to it are tax-deductible. The fund provides an alternative to the mainstream charities. It provides funding for educational programs on peace, civil rights, civil liberties, economic inequality, anti-repression and social justice issues.

To that end, it allocates grants which fund conferences, meetings, seminars, classes, national speaking tours and other activities around the country which fulfill its goal of educating the public about important inter-national and local issues.

It also seeks to provide funding for the dissemination of information not found in the daily print or electronic media. To that end, it donates funds to organizations for the purposes of publishing books, pamphlets, fact sheets, and other literature and for producing videos which educate the public about the above issues.

For Tax Deductible Donations send a check to:
People's Rights Fund
147 West 24th Street, Floor 2
New York, NY 10011